We are also on Facebook
We are also on Facebook

We are also on Facebook

Wow! I’m realizing it has been over a year since I updated anything on Mimi Jane’s website… its a little shameful really.  Even though the website doesn’t show it, I can assure you that the work is on going and the progress really exciting.

While the website has more content about the passed work building Mimi Jane you can also follow us, ask questions and let us know about you on our Facebook Page @DundeeMimiJane 

I promise more photos and updates here soon though, so much has progressed, we are so close to having a functional boat; a land locked one but we’ll get there

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  1. Rich Muzio

    If she sails as beautiful as she looks you’re going to have some wonderful voyages. I’m sure she will. Going from creating to cruising will be a lifestyle change. Are you ready?

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