An early visit of our living quarters
An early visit of our living quarters

An early visit of our living quarters

There is still lots to be done to finish the interior but the layout is complete. Here’s a quick visit of Mimi Jane’s living accommodation. Keep in mind it is not finished and that the boat is far from yachty, without much luxury. We are building it for ourselves with our needs and likes in mind.

For More updates on the boat progress you can also see Dundee Mimi Jane on Facebook


The head (before any rush of comments) – we are aware it will not be usable in rough water.

The wood stove – we have been using it for the past couple winters and experimenting with clearances. There will be heat shields for added safety.

The propane stove – Yes it is mounted fore and aft. No, its not on gimbals. We were not comfortable with the limited upper clearance had we positioned it off to the side.

Shower – You noticed the lack of? That will happen in the forward compartment. Personal preference to use a not so fancy but larger space rather then use some of the limited space for a cramped shower stall.



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