Mimi Jane
Where is Mimi Jane?

Where is Mimi Jane?

Where is Mimi Jane?

Mimi Jane is equiped with an VHF AIS transceiver providing our location real time to other vessels within VHF range. Be aware that the position updates available on ship tracking apps are only real time when we are in range of vessels or base stations equipped to relay the information. Our latest position is provided with a time stamp. 
(Note to parents and caring friends : Do not worry if our position isnt updated, we may simply have the AIS turned off or be out of reach)

Marine Traffic Ship Tracker

Where is home?

Home is in Scotch Cove, East Chester, Nova Scotia. Swinging on her own mooring in this well protected cove, close to our house, Mimi Jane will be safe and cozy.

Winter Storage

Being close to a facility that could easily haul out Mimi Jane was a big factor when we decided to relocalized in Nova Scotia. East River Shipyard is the pin we placed on the map when we started thinking over our moving plan. With a 70 ton and a 150 ton travel lift it is no trouble to winter in East River Shipyard