The crew


I am born in Brittany, in Brest, with that genetic particularity that gives me a natural call to the sea. I may also blame my Gaelic genes for my “slightly” stubborn and rough temper.

I am a dreamer and I am passionate, I take interest in everything.
In our team, I am the creative mind with a mix of technological and artistic sense. I am not afraid of hard work and need to keep my hands busy; my hands and mind need to create.

I did my schooling in mechanical engineering technologies; learning to design and fabricate. Of course this background has provided me assets and confidence in this boat building adventure.

I have been passionate about boats and loved sailing as far as I can remember. I was sailing with my parents before I could walk and started dinghie sailing before I started school. 
That intense passion for traditional boats hit me in 1992 during the Brest Tall Ship festivities. While I had always felt an attraction for old rigs, it is then that I truly fell in love.

While life with dogs is not practical to pair with a passion for boats and life on the water , the relationship I have with my dogs is also a big part of who I am.


Don’t all the best nautical stories involve a French/British duplicity? Mark will say he is Canadian as he was born and grew up in Ontario but it’s always fun to tease over our opposing origins.

Mark is our glass half full man. With Mark the sky seems never too high, the water never too deep.
I may have done a lot of the work on the boat but it would have never happened if Mark did not make me believe I could. 

Water is Marks natural element and sailing was an early devotion. He started windsurfing in his youth and evolved into high level competition.

Mark in his element

Mark did his electrical engineering degree in Ottawa, where he also started dreaming of life on a sailboat and world travels. He was living on his 26 foot Contessa, ready to leave for greater adventures…. when we crossed path…. and dream took a twist.

Mark is an engineer right through his core. No decision is taken without a full understanding of the problem; pros and cons are evaluated; all solution analysed and information research is thorough. This project without Mark would be a ship without a rudder or sails.  

The four legged bunch


Marley was my 2006 bouviers des flandres puppy. She has been our property guard dog and my first harness dog partner.

M’opus and M.E.Fhast

Those two come as a pair, often referred to as the pointer sisters. Very sweet and lovable, they are also very energetic dogs that need to run… a lot. They are sprint racing sled-dogs and there job is to keep us fit. 

Mr Eden

Mr Eden is our latest crew member as he joined us summer 2018. Eden has been my grand-mother trusting companion for the past 8 years and, as it was time for him to retire from his functions, made the trip from France to Canada to come live with us. 


Meet the Captain! Maggie arrived on a cold night in February 2017. She owned the crew from the minute she set a paw on deck. 


Murphy is the 2009 miraculous kitten. Marley found this abandoned 2 week old kitten and wouldn’t leave it. I honestly did not think this little rat could make it, but Murphy grew into this gorgeous giant and oh so sweet cat.

The gone by not forgotten


In the fall of 2007 we had to say goodbye to our old dog Moon. Moon and I were together when we met Mark and she spent 11 years by my side. Moon was with us through  the construction of our little schooner, the Marie Ty and lived aboard 2 years. Moon accompanied me through the end of teenage and all of my young adulthood, I dearly miss this girl. She was my protector, my companion and my best friend.
Moon was the one dog in a lifetime.

The original crew


Mack’s actual name was Mackerel, but as I would call her “Sac a puces” (flea bag) which, with Mark’s english touch became “Mack-a-Pousse”. Mack was one of those rare love at first sight story. In her cage at the humane society our eyes crossed and I adored this cat. Second guessing getting a cat on the boat (we were living on the Marie Ty), I left. Mark called me fool and told me to go get the little girl. It was a 17 year love story and, like Moon, Mack was the one cat of a lifetime.


Even though Marvin only spent a couple years with us, I had time to develop a very special relationship with this boy. There are dog like that which can change you, in very little time.


  1. Jay Greer Yacht Design

    You are an amazing as well as delightful bunch! Your boat makes me think of Pete Cullier. Please keep me posted with your adventures and dreams.
    Aloha Mahalo

    • Thanks Jay, I do think also that I have a delightful bunch by my side 🙂 I will definitely keep updating the website and even try to be a little more regular at it. I do also have a facebook page for the boat “Dundee Mimi Jane” where I post more day to day insights in our work with the boat. Cheers, Murielle

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