June 4th 2022 is the launching date!
June 4th 2022 is the launching date!

June 4th 2022 is the launching date!

( There was a change from the original plan of May 30th)


There is still plenty work to keep us busy over the next couple seasons, but we are finally seeing the water over our dreams horizon. The day dreaming is morphing into planning as we are listing and considering all our options to move and launch the Mimi Jane. 

You can still find more regular updates on our facebook page “Dundee Mimi Jane” but here are some more recent pictures of Mimi Jane.



  1. Norm Facey

    Congrats on launching……Mimi Jane is a true work of art.
    Plus, it’s always amazing when something you dreamt about, then worked on for so long actually floats!

    Wouldn’t get too excited about final ballasting till you’ve moved all your possessions, sails, tools and spares aboard, fueled, watered and provisioned for a passage…..it’s amazing how fast the waterline sinks.

    1. Murielle_O

      Hi Norm, thanks. You would know how long it has been getting here as you have known of this project at it’s beginnings. It certainly is amazing and a little surreal to see her float. Thanks for ballast advice; worst case scenario we can take some out if we find we weigh her down too much.

  2. Sarah E.artin

    Great to see Mimi Jane at the Brockville Tall Ships Festival on Saturday! She’s beautiful! I would love to see her under full sail one of these days. I live just east of Ottawa, on the Ottawa river. If you could use volunteer crew, I would gladly muster up for that! Bon voyage always! -Captain Sarah Martin of the gaff-rigged cutter; Molly Brant. 613-676-2557

    1. Murielle_O

      Hi Sarah, thanks for the compliment. I cant wait also to see Mimi Jane under full canvas, although it will be intimidating at first to see her (over 730 sq ft) main sail up; it will happen this summer but there is still a lot of work.

  3. John Kinal

    Visited the Mimi Jane to and spoke to Murielle the designer/owner today at the Tall Ships Festival today in Brockville. Was very impressed with the fact that both her and her husband built this beautiful Tall Ship over 16 years. Congratulations to you both. Visited all the Tall Ships but this one impressed me the most.

  4. Margaret Koopmans

    I too, enjoyed visiting on board the Mimi Jane, more than the other ships at the Festival! Thanks Murielle for directing me to your website to learn more about your inspirational story. All the best in your future travels and I look forward to reading your incredible story when you publish your book.

    1. Murielle_O

      Thanks Margaret, I love that Mimi Jane is getting so much love. As for a book, who knows, I do enjoy writing but for now I’m so busy vivaciously living life… maybe some day I will feel that I have more to say then do. Cheers

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