Three consecutive days of blasting
Three consecutive days of blasting

Three consecutive days of blasting

Three consecutive days of sandblasting appears to be our limit… we are exhausted and sore, but happy. Three days of sandblasting means I have been in the suit for 15 hours and we can then double that time adding the clean up and painting. Mark is also taking on a lot of work that I don’t like doing; all the morning prep, day logistics and all the support work. Days are long, for both of us…

The dull grey color of clean steel provides a mix of tidiness satisfaction and apprehension of all the painting to come.  

The next few days will be to clean up all the dust and sand to add the second coat of epoxy primer on all we sandblasted over the past three days.
We alternate for each coat of primer between white and grey primer; this helps assuring a full coverage with each coat, makes the painting easier and helps to keep track of number of coats on each section.

It’s not particularly pretty but the progress is more then satisfying

The primer coating we are using is the PPG Amerlock 2 (400) . We had used Devoe Barrust 235 on our previous boat and on the interior but according to our distributor the industry has now moved on to Amerlock, which is consequently more available.

Seems to be a pattern contest between the lawn and the deck

Bulwarks and detailing gets done first as it is more time consuming and days are getting shorter as summer advances.

End of three days of blasting and painting. Rain is coming, we get a break before more fun.  

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