All I want is sushi
All I want is sushi

All I want is sushi

The blasting of the bow started in our gigantic integral sewage tank. That started on Thursday the 27th of August. It seemed to start well, but we soon noticed trouble with the sand regulation. I say noticed but should say suspected because, working in a tight volume, it’s rather hard to judge the amount of sand coming out of the hose. After much head scratching, the regulator finally seized, bringing a clear answer as why we where having so much trouble adjusting the flow of abrasive. What a drag, I was just not quite done the tank but we really wanted it finished so we could at least seal it to blast the rest of the section.Why can’t things just go smooth, oh well, bite the bullet and get it done…we finished with the little detailing blast pot, at least it worked.
It ended up being a bit of a rush but got everything cleaned, painted and covered up before dew o’clock.

The tank ready to be painted

Friday morning I got up early to get the next coat of paint on before it got hot…and quite frankly just to get done with it! Meanwhile, Mark took apart the pressure pots pipping and opened the regulator. It’s now Friday lunch time, the regulator screw is stripped and the weather forecast showing a huge high pressure system locking over us for the next week. Our first long stretch of good weather of the whole summer and we can’t blast! Think fast, decide now!

Really neat regulation system. Simply a rubber tube getting squeezed. The mechanical parts are isolated from the sand.

A partially blasted and painted bow

Canablast, the manufacturer of the broken part, is in Montreal, a two hour drive for us. It’s now 1pm and they close at 4pm: time to go. A small road trip and a few dollars later we were all fixed up. Only inconvenient: I’m grumpy. I had be promised an outing to the all-you-can eat sushi restaurant and my date ended up being a drive to the industrial zone of Montreal and a subway lunch….

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