What are we up to now?
What are we up to now?

What are we up to now?

The latest big deal was the purchase of our engine: a Perkins Sabre M92B. We had been looking at Beta Marine also but this engine came up as the right engine, for a great price, at the right time.  We could have delayed this purchase but having the engine will make the upcoming work much easier as we need to finalize the aft section metal work so we can paint it. Finalizing the aft section metal work means finalizing most of the engine installation and steering plans.

We like to have everything modeled in CAD first as the drawings reduce the time spent working in the discomfort of a tin can and limit the chances of mistakes. I will be adding details to the engine installation model, need to position a support for the thrust bearing and finish the steering assembly; a few hours of fun with the computer.

In parallel there are a few more tasks on our mind. The boat needs to jacked up, over time it has sunk about 6 inches in the ground. Since we will need a couple more supports for when we will be painting the exterior, I’m building some boat stands. Mark has melted all the lead we had left and we started making up lead filled bins which will be part of our trim ballast. Unfortunately, we still need more ballast so the lead sourcing is always on going.

Mark is hoping we will get around to painting the exterior of the hull this summer. To be honest, I rather think one step at the time so I’m not seeing that far yet. Before we can sandblast and paint the hull, all the metal work will have to be finished, the deck plan will need to be clear so all that needs to be welded is welded… my head spins… but we can get it it done.

Back to work, I have a lot on my plate.

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