The windlass has arrived!!

When we started planning this boat, a classic and rugged looking manual windlass was clearly part of the big picture. We quickly found out that it wasn’t going to be easy to find that windlass we dreamed of for our boat and a point came when we accepted we were likely going to have to fall back on a modern shinny electric capstan (booo) . Its not by fault of searching, it just seemed like no one made what we really wanted. Until….

Mark stumbled on Deep Blue Engineering website. Someone had started making traditional manual geared windlasses in Britain and wow, are they ever gorgeous!

A year ago we got in touch with David Webster at Deep Blue Engineering to discuss our needs and initiate the order of one cool windlass for our vessel: Deep Blue Engineering’s No 2 Manual Windlass for vessels over 25 tonnes

Yesterday, the 162 kg beast finally arrived in Ottawa, Canada, from Britain!

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