The transmissions turn to board the ship
The transmissions turn to board the ship

The transmissions turn to board the ship

The cold temperature impeded this weekend’s productivity but we did get the transmission on the engine, one step forward.

First chore, clear some snow. We are definitely into winter mode, cold and snow adds to the work load.

Damper plate on. Are you sure it the right way back?

Up it goes. This cherry picker has made our life so much easier to move things up on the boat. The transmission isnt outrageously heavy but having the help of hydraulics is always welcome.

Lining up the tranny to slip the shaft in the damper plate was probably the most “difficult” part of the whole thing… but really not that big of a deal.

There it is! The empty hole is on front of the starter motor, no bolt there

Here was our only oopsy. threads ripped out of the block.
We found very little information to help with the installation of the transmission. Liking to do thins right, we like to have guidance specifications and did search for grade of hardware to use and torque specifications; with no luck.

My mistake was to use the torque specs of the bolts as the torque used should not exceed the weakest component (casing in this case). Live and learn (but also annoyed that I couldn’t find anything from Perkins).

This shouldnt be a big deal as the threads extend 1 inch over the ones that have been damaged, so we shold be good with a longer bolt; if not, we will use a helicoil, but that will be in the spring.

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