Not so good of a week
Not so good of a week

Not so good of a week

I don’t like planning. The reason being that, what ever plans I make, I can guaranty it is the one thing that will not happen. Life is full of surprises, good and bad.

Tuesday night I got a phone call from my sister: my mom had an accident. A horse fell on her as they were trying to load the not so collaborative animal in a trailer. My mom has two broken legs and has been in the hospital since.

I haven’t done anything on the boat this week, too busy running around to help out my mother. As it turns out, I would of probably have not done much anyway because of the insane weather we’ve had, temperatures up around 36C and very humid. Still today, it very hot. I don’t know what the next few weeks/month will be like but I believe I will be spending a little less time in the shop and a little more with my mom.

No new progress then, but I can keep catching up on the show and tell of previous work.

With the main compartment all blasted and painted we were ready to bring the cabin top back on the boat. We had brought it down to blast and paint it but also to keep the boat wide open for the stinky and dusty work, consequently making the miserable jobs somewhat less miserable.

Both our cabin tops are bolted on rather than welded for that reason and to keep open the possibility to eventually replace them with some nice wooden ones when we sail somewhere we can afford the wood…I am somewhat kicking myself though and thinking I should of been smarter and made them of aluminium…

Always looking for ways to make work more fun, I played around with my camera again and with it setup to take pictures every 5 seconds I made this video. Hope you enjoy this as much as I had fun putting it together…this is really just for fun 🙂

Later update: taking care of my mother ended up being a priority and the bot building slowed down a lot for the rest of the summer.

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