Back in the Boat Building Groove
Back in the Boat Building Groove

Back in the Boat Building Groove

Mark and Murielle are back!!

The question that has the most annoyed me over the past few years: Are you guys giving up on the boat?


So what happened over the past few years? A lot! To make it short: we got fit, we had some fun and ongoing restauration our house.

Looking back at my very last blog post before this one; my mom just had a serious accident. A horse fell over her, smashing both her legs. Without getting in the details, that took a lot out of me. I carried on working on the boat when I could, but most of my time  went to helping out my mother. Progress being slow, my motivation to update the website went to null. There has been progress though and I will post about it.

Then came the boat building black hole. I dropped the tools on the boat on the August 9th, 2011. As much as we had been trying to ignore it, reality imposed itself to us. If we wanted the house to be a viable investment (ie in selling condition by the time we are ready to go) it needed some work and we were at that point when it couldn’t wait anymore, serious deterioration was going to start happening. New windows, new doors, new roof, repointed the brick, new front porch, new stairs, new layout (some walls went to dust), insulation of walls and attic…. it was not time off, lots was done.

Meanwhile we also kept enjoying life, improved our fitness and health. Mark became a lean mean racing machine and I try to follow. Both of us are the fittest we’ve ever been. To do so we hired some full time personal trainers, two new crazy pups joined our crew. M’Opus and M.E.Fhast are some hyperactive sprinting sled dog mutts, and they keep us moving. With the new dogs all the birds had to go…. But Marley, Murphy and Mack-a-pousse are still here to make me smile everyday. My Marvin is being missed.

Honestly, I think that the boat building black hole was good for me. I went from being a boat building hermit to actually interacting with other humans. Seriously, while I missed working on the boat, I think taking some distance from it was sane. I realized my life was so focused on it that I was getting bored of it. I didn’t loose sight of the dream but was loosing interest in talking about it, was getting tired of questions, tired of the boat being all what was interesting about me. I realized I actively avoided talking about it, I barely told new people I met about the project. I know, its a cool project but it doesn’t have to be all.

What do we talk about these days? Mountain biking, dogs, racing, training, food and, coming back as our main topic, THE BOAT 🙂

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