A productive winter on the interior

As much as possible, we try to spit the work by seasons, making the best of the cold and warmer weather. The interior woodwork is what I focus on in the winter. This winter, the interior really came together, its finally feeling more like a home then a construction site.  All the wood used is from local ash and white oak.

To see some “before” views you can go back to http://mimijane.ca/the-interior-is-shaping-up and even farther back http://mimijane.ca/the-interior-shell and video visit during the work in progress http://mimijane.ca/an-early-visit-of-our-living-quarters


  1. Perfection!

  2. amazing. real nice work. there is a lot of hours spent in this project

  3. Andrea Manthorne

    Absolutely beautiful work.

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