A fine solution to a logistic nightmare

The past few weeks I have been working on all those little details that need to be finalized before sandblasting and painting the interior of the boat: tabs, threw holes, attachment points, chimney…there are lots that need to be though of and it adds up into more work than it may seem; each time I think I’m done I think of something more needing to be done.
We are very keen to get the living compartments painted and insulated before winter. Technically it shouldn’t be a challenge but the weather has been horrific, a summer of rain. Worst, it makes the sandblasting prospect a logistic nightmare. Yesterday, as I was so down about this whole sandblasting nightmare the solution appeared in the form of a classified add. I was just back from our local sandblasters shop; during our chat he had made it pretty clear that with the bad weather and a busy schedule it was going to be challenging to fit our boat before later this fall. I didn’t want to hear that from himĀ  and came back home pretty demotivated. There aren’t many rental possibilities around our neck of the woods. I sat down listing our options of short term and long term rental, non making me too happy, mostly because scheduling around the weather almost impossible this summer.That’s when the solution appeared: a full mobile sandblasting rig for sale about an hour away from home. I have been checking the adds regularly this year with no real hope to find something proper for the job but there it was. Mark and I went right away see the equipment and assess if it was worth buying. Cost wise I am not certain if we will end up ahead or not, its pricey equipment, but head ache and stress wise I expect we will do much better. I feel I have the situation back in control…it feels good. It’s a busy time around the yard these days but I’ll try to get back with pictures and updates.

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