We are officially one foot into the next phase of the boatbuilding project: the wood work.
Wood will be used for the interior and for some trim work and rigging attachment on deck.
Mark had been exploring different options: purchasing wood as we need, buy a lot of wood, would we want softwood, hardwood, can we do with all the same or different species.

This week, Mark found what we think will work perfectly for us. A mix of locally milled white oak, ash and a bit of cherry.

This would be half the pile, two loads on our little trailer and two more to go. I’m exhausted, got my workout loading and unloading for the day. We do it again tomorrow….. After a run with the pups.

There is something important about karma for everything that goes into the boat. With the purchase of this wood, everything felt right.  The wood is gorgeous, air dried, locally cut and milled but also by some very nice people which are pleased to have met on this boat building journey. All the wood is milled from logs that were destined to be fire wood but set aside as worthy to be milled. I like that. So often i come across some firewood I feel must have been too nice of a tree to be burnt.

Now that we have all this lumber some choices are falling into place on there own. The bulwark caps will e white oak, much of the interior will be built of ash.
We have been investigating the purchase of blocks (wooden pulleys) but now considering making our own. Ash is the right wood to make blocks and we have a lot of it.

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