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Mimi Jane

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The Dream has become reality

The construction journey was long and its time to enjoy

Mimi Jane’s home is now Chester, Nova Scotia, where we will be taking some time to slow down the pace and enjoy sailing locally until we feel ready for new grand adventures.

It was 20 years of dreaming and building Mimi Jane…

a Boat Building Project

You can still read about Mimi Jane’s construction

All the information and posts from the previous versions of Mimi Jane’s website are still avaiable. While this project preceded todays tendancy to document through youtube channels and regular social media updates, we did share and document over the years. Have a look through the main menu find out more about the boat building period .

From the yard, to the water

2022…. She was launched

2022 was a very special year for the Mimi Jane crew; it was the end of a long boat building journey and the start of a new exciting adventure on the water. There is so much that could be said about that crazy year but I will limit it to saying thankyou to everyone who was there, close and far; thanks for following us, thanks for cheering us, thanks for crossing our path and thanks for sharing time with us. It all matters, as much in the moment of joy as when we face challenges. 2022, you were challenging but amazing.