Mimi Jane
Specifications and details

Specifications and details

Name: Mimi Jane

Registered in Canada – Port of Ottawa
Designer: Murielle Ovenden
Builders: Mark and Murielle Ovenden

● Length of hull: 51.4 ft (15.66 m)
● Length on deck: 48 ft 6in (13 m)
● Water line length: 42 ft (12.8 m)
● Length over all (with spars low) 80 ft (24.3 meters)
● Length over all (with spars lifted) 60 ft (18 meters)
● Beam: 15ft3in (4.6 m)
● Draft: 6ft9in (2 m)
● Displacement: 55000 lbs
● Ballast: 20,000lbs (lead)

General construction and design description

Mimi Jane’s hull is constructed of welded steel. The traditional looking displacement hull is a rounded chine with a box section central girder. It is heavily framed with longitudinal and transversal structures.

The hull is sectioned in 3 compartments divided by continuously welded steel bulkheads.

● The forward compartment is utility space, suited with the head (and holding tank) far
forward in the bow, work benches, a small sink, 2 chain lockers and storage space. The
forward compartment can be accessed by a companion way or from the main
● The main compartment contains living accommodations, comprising the galley, seating
and dining space, sleeping bunks. The main compartment may be accessed by a
companion way aft of the cabin top or from the door access to the front compartment.
● The aft compartment is utility space, suited with the engine room, all electrical and
mechanical systems, a small navigation table and equipment, storage and two quarter
berths. The aft compartment is completely separated from living accommodations and
can only be accessed by its companionway.

Sails (made by Andy Soper – Kingston, Ontario)

Sail material: Oceanus

  • Main: 735sqft (68.3sqm)
  • Mizzen: 195sqft (18sqm)
  • Jib: 288sqft (26.75sqm)
  • Staysail: 209sqft (19.4sqm)
  • Storm Jib:
  • Trysail:
  • Top sail: 200sqft (18.5sqm) Approx

Dundee (Mizzen Cutter / Yawl) – Gaff rig

Standing Rigging

● Main mast:
   ○ 55ft (stick length)
   ○ 51ft 7 inch (over waterline)
   ○ Diameter 11.25 inch, tapered on last top quarter
   ○ Keel stepped
● Mizzen mast:
   ○ 28ft 4 inch (stick length)
   ○ Diameter 8 inch, tapered on last top quarter
   ○ keel stepped
● Bow sprit: 26ft
● Main boom: 27ft
● Mizzen boom: 14ft4in

All the spars are constructed of laminated pine. Chocks, jaws and tumbler are white oak
Rigging spar fittings are traditional steel bands (zinc galvanized and painted, Pettit ez-poxy)
Spars are coated with Le Tonkinois Marine Nº1 Linseed Oil Varnish on bright surfaces, painted
surfaces with Pettit EZ-poxy

Main and Mizzen mast have internal 2/0 AWG lightning protection conductors

Shrouds: Heat set dyneema, parceled and served – dead eyes with ⅝ Hempex
Running rigging: Wood (ash) blocks – Hempex cordage (2.5 km !)


    • Hull material: Steel
    • Lower hull plating and keel thikness: 1/4 inch
    • Upper hull plating thikness: 3/16 inch
    • Deck plating thikness: 3/16 inch
    • Bulwarks and cabin tops plate thickness: 10gage
    • Transversal frames: 15 frames – 1/4 inch T section, 4 in web and 4 inch flange on hull, 3in web and 4 inch flange for deck beams
    • Hull longitudinal frames: 2 inch x 1/4inch flats
    • Deck longitudinal frames: 1.5 inch x 1/4 inch flats
    • 2 steel bulkheads separating the interior in 3 sections.

    Auxiliary Engine and systems

    • Engine: Perkins M92b – 4 cylinder diesel – 86hp
    • Transmission: ZF45 R:3.03
    • Aquadrive thrust bearing / CV joint – CVB 21.20
    • 3 blade 26“ bronze propeller

    The engine is soft mounted with a thrust bearing and cv joint assembly.
    The wet exhaust is northsea style with waterlift muffler.
    The fuel injection system is designed to provide extra-polished fuel. The day tank, filled from
    reserve tanks, provides 30 liters of gravity fed clean fuel.
    An emergency manual fuel shut off is installed in reach of the companionway.
    The engine is fully enclosed in a large engine box with generous access on all sides. The noise
    insulated engine box is ventilated out by a heavy duty blower and exterior air intake.

    Steering: Tiller

    Windlass: Traditional manual windlass, with dual ratios and dual warping drums. Designed and fabricated by deep blue engineering http://www.deepblueengineering.co.uk