Unveiling the ship’s name

Every year, we get together with Mark’s family for our annual Ovenden gathering. It is then that we celebrate everything needing to be celebrated; we make it the Ovenden’s Christmas weekend, as Marks parents are Florida snow birds. We enjoy good food, bubbles and time together.

This year we had something special to add to the celebrations; the name of our boat was revealed.

The stern of the boat was covered prior to the arrival of our guests

The name was uncovered while all enjoyed a glass of bubbles. Every opportunity for bubbles must be appreciated.

Three impromptu visitors joined us for the name unveiling. The more the merrier.

Of course the moment we had been waiting for is when Jane would find out the boats name. The facial expression did not disappoint. 

Adding to the fun, Scott arranged a little game between him, Karen and the parents. All were to give 3 names for a list and 3$ for a prize pot. The closest name was to win. 

1) La Brittany Bateau
2) Pepe Berrou
3) La Grande Sardine Peut
4) La Muriark
5) Meme Mimi
6) Labour of Love
7) La Bateau
8) The Ark
9) M’s R Us.

I can let you guess the winner (Meme Mimi, proposed by Jane) but we had to give an honorable win for the originality of “La grande Sardine Peut” (peut being can in english); well done Scott.

Cheers to a special Thanksgiving with the Ovenden family

Note: Mark conceded the annual brotherly chest tournament victory to The Great Scott.


  1. Kudos for the gender change. She’s gorgeous!

    • Thanks Rich, it is quite the step in boat building endeavor to give it a name and have it registered. It’s as she was promoted from lawn ornament to boat. Next promotion will be boat in the water, but we still have work to get there.

      • Thank you for sharing your build. I’ve been overwhelmed at the thought behind, the expert craftsmanship, and the downright love you both put into every piece of Mimi Jane. Congratulations.

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