The poop tank
The poop tank

The poop tank

Or, as Mark likes to call it, the Great Scott…

Poop isnt very glamour but a serious piece of logistics for the live aboard boat. 
Our original plan for a holding tank was to have it integral to the hull of the boat. Over some second thoughts we decided that we would make an independent tank and considered different location options to finally decide to make a tank which would fit inside the original integral tank. 

There really isn’t much fun to be told about the fabrication of the fiberglass/foam core tank, except that Mark is getting really good at the construction method (same used for our icebox). 

The most fun will has been the “Launch”… I let you see for your own what brother rivalry can lead to…

Credit to Marks work on this “shitty” chore (laying fiberglass has to be making it among the worst boat building jobs and I was more then happy to stay away 😛 ) and here’s a few photos over the many days (evening and weekend work) it took to build the Great Scott.

The tank is now on board the boat. There are still a few details to be finished up but that will wait until the spring as cold weather has settled in. 

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