The engine flies into the boat
The engine flies into the boat

The engine flies into the boat

The engine is finally in the boat. It has not reached its final destination yet but its up and in the boat.

In itself this was a pretty straight forward operation: pick up the engine, raise it over the boat and down in the hole.
The bigger challenge has been to find someone with a boom truck big enough and willing to help us out.
It was a few weeks of searching, asking around, phone calls and disappointing results.

A couple summers ago we had to work on our septic system, that had brought me to Boyds Bros Concrete (they make concrete septic tanks and distribute piping) where I had noticed the big boom truck. Why not tempt my luck and find out if they could help? Done deal!

 Things floating in the air make me nervous. I know there is nothing to fear, 800lbs was no load for that boom but it just feels wrong.

There it is!! Not exactly where it will live, not quite in the right direction but its in the boat, one step closer.

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