The block production started
The block production started

The block production started

With a not so enjoyable winter, building blocks in the shop turns out to be a great off season job.

We prepare the rough ash to make the rest of the blanks for our single blocks. Noisy job, but sweet to work with wood after years of steel work. All our wood is rough lumber out of the mill. Each board is picked especially for the blocks with no sap wood and with grain so it will be across the weight bearing pin.

Following a fair bit of planning, a few test pieces, the line of production is starting.
I started by a small batch of 6 blocks but we are looking at making at least 50 of these exact pulleys, followed by a batch of double sheave pulleys, smaller pulleys, many pulleys…. I will soon be a master pulley maker.
It’s funny how this is bringing back memories of school when I was training as a machinist and learning to plan production fabrication. So it starts, today was fun, I’m expecting an other couple days before I get sick of making blocks

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